The tool that you will go for will depend a lot on the kind of features you will go for. Do you only want to draw the ideas and transform them into the design, or you are looking for a tool with the simplest UI elements? Therefore, before going for a prototype tool, you need to think about the features that you will need.

Axure RP puts the power of wireframing and prototyping all in one package, helping companies improve their digital product design process. It allows designers to create low to high resolution interactive prototypes of websites and apps, all without having to code. The collaborative web prototyping tool Wondershare Mockitt is made for UI/UX designers. With the help of this best website prototyping tool, creating interactive prototypes and wireframes will become easy for website and apps. Not just this web prototyping tool allows you to customize the project size as well that too for any screen you want. As a free tool, Adobe XD is another of the most popular apps that UI/UX designers use.

However, it’s crucial to have an overarching view of the website before you start prototyping. Decide on the kind of menu you want to use, where to place it on the website. Figure out which blocks you want to include to the home page, what features and integrations are essential for capturing leads.

prototype of a website

As an individual creator, if handling user experience tasks don’t seem like the easiest challenge to handle, you can always consider looking out for UX design firms. However, before you start with the prototype, there are certain things to keep in mind. Know the audience who will use the website as this will help you create a better prototype.


Add sequences of actions and conditions in your interactions. Once you’ve prototyped multiple pages, you can move on to the full mockup design phase. This will involve figuring out color theory, typography, and images that work accordingly. We will take a look at this in the next article in this series next month.

From how to do brainstorming and generate ideas, and then start the interface sketching. Our expert team can help with user research, usability testing, and service design solutions. Upload ready-made designs, and quickly convert them into interactive prototypes. Its simple interface makes it a great starting point for a beginner UX designer but also offers enough for more advanced designers. Collaboration and communication are also strengths of InVision. Freehand lets team members draw, add notes, and offer feedback.

Principle for Mac lets you create dazzling interactions and eye-catching animations, giving you prototypes that go beyond dull static representations. Build complex interactions and animations without even looking at code. Sketch is prototype of a website somewhat like Photoshop in that it allows the designer to manipulate photos. More than giving you room for creating high-quality artworks, Sketch makes it look simple to complete a UX design with its fully vector-based workflow.

Select from a range of integrated stencil kits for both mobile-app and web design – including iOS, Android, and Bootstrap. Drag and drop elements – quickly and easily – from a comprehensive library of widgets and smart-shapes. Keep all stakeholders – Product Managers, Business Analysts, System Architects, Designers and Developers – building consensus and communicating clearly. Get collaborators onboard quickly with a single, intuitive interface. Define your own content structure, and design with real data. Adobe XD works well alongside other Adobe family apps like Illustrator and Photoshop.

Test your website prototypes like real products

For large-scale projects with many moving parts, prototyping is indispensable. Prototypes let you gather feedback, test usability, and tweak a design along the way. gives you a variety of drag-and-drop UI web components, templates, icon libraries, digital assets, and audio/video integrations. You can also bring in anything you have created on your own in Photoshop or Sketch.

  • A prototype is a sample version of a product that can be tested before final manufacture or implementation.
  • Create realistic user experiences with our built in interactions for web and mobile devices.
  • Capture concepts and give direction to your projects with our professional diagramming tools.
  • In case you wish to make static screens interactive with the addition of links, you can also link the effect.
  • Specify how much the team is willing to invest in prototyping, the level of detail of the prototype, and the full range of platforms it will support – Windows, Android, iOS, etc.
  • With the abundance of prototyping tools on the market, it can be pretty challenging to choose which one to use as part of your design process.

It’s nice to be able to edit Adobe images, like a .psd file, right in the application. Prototypes are an opportunity to try things out and fine-tune the details. They’re an essential tool in communicating to stakeholders, and decision makers, how all of the elements of an idea will function together. All in all, prototyping is an effective method of validating the product and improving it if there is a need. It minimizes the risk of failure since it reveals problems at the soonest possible time. Add and manage text requirements within the UI prototype and integrate the requirements in your preferred Agile tool.

Mockplus Cloud Plugins

A website prototype takes it to a whole new level by adding interactions and animation and giving a user a look and feel of what an end product will look like. The essential features and functionality to help you thrive in a competitive design world. Hear all voices, consider all options – and establish consensus – by editing in realtime and commenting directly on the designs. Capture concepts and give direction to your projects with our professional diagramming tools.

prototype of a website

On the online software, you will have to switch to Handoff mode. Move your mouse to the “Preview” area of the top toolbar and select “Handoff”. Then you can inspect, as well as view all the codes that you have added, and discuss with your team.

How to Add Content to a Website Prototype: Header, Slider, Sections

They should also be in a position to give you the necessary feedback. Basically, prototyping is the process of creating a simulation of a product. A prototype is a sample version of a product that can be tested before final manufacture or implementation. Web designers are often confronted with numerous challenges, many of which can involve miscommunication with clients. Designers and clients often don’t ‘speak the same language in a professional sense, so conveying design ideas and progress can be tricky. With a single click, generate specifications documents from your prototypes.

Introducing six of the best website prototyping tools, which we think will make your prototyping process much more manageable. A website prototype is a key step in developing a website. It is a mockup or demo of what the website will look like when it will be live for the users. Typically, when people talk of prototypes, they refer to an interactive prototype that allows users to navigate from one page to another and use functionality like drop-down menus. However, for a beginner, it can be a bit overwhelming, but with the help of a variety of specialist prototype tools available on the market and a bit of preparation can make you proficient. Uniformity and consistency drive much of Sketch’s functionality.

Give motion to your design

If you need to create a prototype website, find the right app prototyping tool, or explore UX/UI prototyping tool options, we’ve got you covered. Origami is very prominent among designers because it was initially created by Facebook. Although it can be a bit of a challenge because of the lack of collaboration features, Origami has powerful tools that freelancers and newbie designers can make use of. Keep consistency in your Style Guides, UI component libraries, interactions, templates and other deliverables. Share your assets with design teams, business analysts and developers. A wireframe usually involves a simple drawn sketch via paper, pen, or online tool.

Best Prototyping Tools for UX/UI Designers Summary

Origami Live is also integrated where you can preview the mockup live in real time. Framer is one of the easiest tools to use to help express ideas through prototypes. It provides you with a seamless workflow that is paired with device previewing, version control, and hassle-free sharing.

Unlike the rest of the tools presented here, the tool goes beyond static design. UX and UI designers can prototype websites and apps that act like a final product with interactions, states, and variables. And with UXPin Merge technology, you can design with React components to achieve full consistency.

High-Fidelity and Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Once you are logged in, simply click on Create New Project. You can create a Blank Project by choosing the right device type and name your project. If you have been thinking about how to create a website prototype, then it’s easy with Wondershare Mockitt. A user journey is a path a user may take to reach their goal when using a particular website. User journeys are used in designing websites to identify the different ways to enable the user to achieve their goal as quickly and easily as possible. Card sorting is a technique that involves asking users to organise information into logical groups.

Create your own specifications document templates or use our API to generate the assets you need. You can export your prototype to a fully functional and interactive HTML. Additionally, we provide an extensive set of features to export your assets to SVGs and PNGs.

Prototyping featuresPrototype while you design, and vice versa

Users are given a series of labelled cards and asked to organise and sort them into groups that they think are appropriate. Card sorting helps you to design an information architecture, workflow, menu structure or website navigation paths. This prototype for a cruise liner company features a clean design with an accent on wide format imagery combines with multiple CTAs throughout the page. You can see the site visitors falling in love with the landscapes of the exotic destinations and booking a cruise before they know it. You don’t need any special art skills or tools for this — just scribble the main elements of your future website pages on a sheet of paper.

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