Mail buy trophy spouses

The idea of a mail order trophy wife has been around for some time now. It is a term that identifies a young, beautiful woman who may be married to a wealthy man. The term can often be used in a derogatory fashion and implies that she has little personal value besides her physical attractiveness, requires significant expense with regards to maintaining her appearance, and does very little of substance above remaining beautiful.

However , according to sociologist Dr Elizabeth McClintock, the ’trophy wife’ belief is definitely not a common truth. In fact , her homework shows that handsome men often partner with very women and successful men with successful females.

In her study, Dr McClintock interviewed 543 young families – which include both individuals who had currently married and people still dating – and rated these people for their physical attractiveness. Afterward she analyzed these data to verify if there was virtually any evidence that beauty and money had been exchanged in marriages.

What the girl found is that the evidence of an beauty-money exchange was tiny – and completely faded in more dedicated couples. In addition, she discovered that the social course barriers inside wedding market were relatively insobornable.

While it holds true that many successful, good-looking guys seek out ladies who are physically beautiful, this does not mean they will automatically end up with a trophy wife. The fact is that these types of women are merely as independent of each other successful, driven and rich as their husbands.

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