So if you’re in love with Tom Holland , know that you’re not the only one invested in his love life. Tom prefers to keep his intimate secrets to himself and does not enjoy being involved in apparent scandals, or reaching the front pages of the gossip media. Information later dug up about the unknown Olivia, revealed that she works for a digital production company and is a native of England. The Sun also confirmed that she is a family friend, and that the Hollands and Burtons have a long history together dating back – no pun intended – as far as Tom’s childhood. Despite rumours that the two dated for months, Tom never confirmed the relationship.

By March 2022, Tom had left numerous comments on Zendaya’s Instagram pictures, including one from a photo shoot that she had posted on March 3. She captioned her image, “One of my all-time fave shoots,” and in the comment, her partner used three heart-eyed emojis. She posted a second professional photo of herself that day, and her boyfriend sweetly complimented her by using three fire emojis in his comment underneath. When Jacob Elordi and Olivia Bolton entered the picture, there was a lot of discussion about whether Zendaya and Holland had finally gotten together. But after being seen kissing in their car in the summer of 2021, Zendaya and Holland decided to go public with their love.

Zendaya and Holland have long denied a relationship, even making jokes out of headlines claiming they were together. However, on July 1, 2021, they seemed to confirm everything when they were spotted kissing in Holland’s car, while at a stop light. After a few years of the single life, Tom was spotted hanging out with rumored girlfriend and childhood friend Olivia in July 2019 at the Summer Time Hyde Park Festival in London. He may have found his MJ, but Tom Holland’s girlfriend, Zendaya, isn’t the first actress he’s dated in Hollywood.

Tom Holland and Zendaya on-set of Spider-Man 2 in 2018

She also appeared on an episode of Doctor Who that aired in February 2020. “Honestly, it was like—I was obsessed with it when I was 12 years old,” Parkes told model Grace McGovern on her podcast What They Don’t Tell You About in November 2019. Parkes is a London-based actress who has had roles in The Spanish Princess and Doctor Who.

Did power couple Zendaya and Tom Holland break up in 2022?

It could be that Tom merely defended Burton, trying to protect her from the prying eyes of the paparazzi and his fans, and did date her. One of the first girlfriends that the young Spiderman actor was linked to was his childhood sweetheart, director Elle Lotherington. The couple enjoyed a long-term relationship, full of sweet social media photos and messages to each other, until becoming suspiciously absent on the other’s feeds around the beginning of 2017. Tom has put up a defensive front when it comes to publicly commenting on his romance with hisSpider-Mancostar.

Zendaya turned heads again back in December 2022 when she posted a boomerang on Instagram, showing off her new blond bob haircut. SZA also shared the heart-eyed emoji, accompanying the comment, “STUNNINGGGGGGGG MY GOODNESS.” Zendaya has made a dazzling return to the spotlight, and her boyfriend Tom Holland has taken notice. Tom Holland has established himself as a media sensation with prominent roles like Spider-Man or Peter Parker. Through the years, the Spider-Man star has not only tasted fame but also accumulated a net worth of approximately $25 million as of 2022.

Holland appeared in four episodes of BBC Two’s historical miniseries Wolf Hall , as Gregory Cromwell, son of the protagonist Thomas Cromwell played by Mark Rylance. He directed Tweet , a 3-minute short film about a young man building a birdhouse with his grandfather; Holland later expressed an interest in directing feature films in his 40s. Also in 2015, Holland co-starred as the teenage sailor Thomas Nickerson in Ron Howard’s historical adventure-drama In the Heart of the Sea. The film is based on the namesake 2000 non-fiction book about the sinking of the American whaling ship Essex in 1820. In preparation, he and co-stars, including Chris Hemsworth, lost significant weight, consuming 500–1,000 calories a day. In the Heart of the Sea received mixed reviews from critics, and grossed $93 million against a $100 million budget.

She prefers food and animal photography, which is no surprisesince she loves to cook at home and is a mother to two dogs, Zuko and Katara, and a Betta Fish named Better. And that proves to be true because it seems like Tom Holland got himself a girlfriend in 2020. A source said that that and Tom have known each other for years having met through family.

His popularity in the role exceeds those of both Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire. Discussing her hit HBO series Euphoria, Zendaya was asked what it means to have somebody like Tom as a partner to help pull her out of the “dark moments” while playing her troubled character on the show, Rue. The photos included show one behind the scenes photo of Tom on set, presumably from the last 18 months, while the second shows him as a toddler wearing a Spider-Man outfit. “My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays. Gimme a call when you’re up xxx” he wrote, referencing the fact Zendaya plays the Michelle Jones to his Peter Parker in Spider-Man.

Zendaya was not the only one to be linked to other people during the time that she and Tom Holland were allegedly dating. Fans thought Holland was dating family friend Olivia Bolton in 2019, when they were seen together at London’s Hyde Park. Elordi and Zendaya were seen together several times in February 2020. This could mean that Zendaya and Holland were simply on a break or that they did not start dating until much later. One of the several hiccups in the theory that Zendaya and Tom Holland started dating in 2016 is Jacob Elordi.